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Why Carry a Notebook Anymore?

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May 14, 2016

With all the fancy screen devices we have today it may seem silly to have a notebook with you too. But, having one in your pocket can come in handy.

Sure a tablet is good…

Have you ever run out of battery on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop?

See, that’s what I’m talking about. Even though we use our electronic devices for everything and they are great to keep a lot of info on and can solve arguments with a statement like ” Hey Siri, tell me the…” they do have limits. Batteries being a big one. If you leave your notebook in your backpack in your car for two days it is still usable when you find it again. If you go on a hike or camping trip you can leave your car for longer than a few hours and get away from it all without a battery pack.

What about the elements? My note pad’s screen doesn’t get washed out in the daylight. And, I am not worried about my notebook getting it a little wet. Water sometimes adds to the beauty of the sketch. And, besides, there are programs that can now take the sketch you’ve drawn and import them by scanning them. Allowing you to edit them as a vector on you computer. Just Awesome.

By now I am sure you can come up with your own reasons that keeping a small sketchbook or notepad with you or at least near you is a good idea. And considering the cool ones out there in the market place your chances of getting a boring one is nil.

Don’t get me wrong I use and love my tablet and phone everyday. But, the feel and dependability of keeping a bit of old fashioned paper with me is comforting.  

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